Funding Opportunities

Bhagwan Mahavir Summer Fellowship

Study at the Jain Vishwa Bharati University in Ladnun, India, for three weeks. The Fellowship reimbursement is $1000 and the $500 tuition fee is provided by JVBU. Students will enroll in three credits that can be transferred to FIU. Interested students should contact the Department to inquire about application deadlines and/or announcements.

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Bhagwan Mahavir Fellowships

An undetermined number of tuition fellowships for summer study at JVBU or ISSJS (or perhaps other Jain Studies programs) are also available. The application procedure is the same as for the Bhagwan Mahavir Summer Fellowship.

Note: FIU Students can study at the Jain Vishwa Bharati University without a fellowship for the summer. The tuition is $500, this includes a room and three hot meals a day for three weeks.