Event Media Archive

Santhara: A Challenge to Indian Secularism?

Documentary Film Screening and Discussion with Director: Shekhar Hattangadi


Fourth Mahavir Nirvan Lecture on Applied Jain Ethics

Jainism, Animal Rights and Veganism

Lecture by Dr. Gary Francione


Sixth Annual Mahavir Jayanthi Lecture

Locating Jainism in Maharashtra

Lecture by Dr. Whitney Kelting


Third Annual Bhagwan Mahavir Nirvan Kalyanak Lecture

Nonviolence: An Educational Imperative

Lecture by Dr. Tara Sethia


Fifth Annual Mahavir Jayanthi Lecture

Jain Ethics in Philosphical Perspective

Lecture by Dr. Jayandra Soni



Lecture by Prof. Kusum Jain

Prof. Kusum Jain

This Blessed Life

Prof. Nirmal Baid

Call for Papers - Encylopedia of Aparigraha (Non-Possession)

Prof. Sushma Singhvi

Philosophy in Ancient Jaina Text

Dr. Narayan Lal Kachhara

Soul: The Intelligent Designer

Dr. Narayan Lal Kachhara