Paper Topics

In order of presentation:

Peter Flugel: Acharya Tulsi's Middle Path: Jaina Modernism between Orthodoxy and Reform

Manju Nahatha: Many-splendored Hues of Modern Jainism under the aegis of Acharya Tulsi

Anne Vallely: Clearing the Path to Release: The Role of Devotion Among Terapanthi Renouncers

Hampa Nagarajiah: Reminiscences of an Unparalleled Spiritual Saint

Shivani Bothra: The Anuvrat Movement: Addressing the 21st Century Concern for Social Justice, Economy and Ecology

Steven M. Vose: Gandhi and Rajacandra: Reading a Modern Friendship

Kamini Gogri: Redefining Religion; Acarya Candanaji’s Engaged Jainism

Manuel Gomez: The Jain Way: Consensus building and conflict resolution among Gujarati diamond merchants

Christopher Chapple: Darshan with Acarya Tulsi on Gunasthanas and Santhara, 1989

Whitney Bauman: Jain Foundations for a Planetary Science

Ranu Jung and Samani Unnata Pragya: A Controlled Study of the Effects of Mahapraan and Color Meditation Components of Preksha Dhyan in College Students

Nirmal Baid: Life of a Legend - A Photo Journey through Acharya Tulsi's Life